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Wallbox + solcast, determine when to charge

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  • Wallbox + solcast, determine when to charge

    Hi all,

    I have a keba wallbox connected with loxone. Currently i have set up three charging modes (maximum charging speed with load balancing, charging with excess sun power, charging with excess sun power and maximum charging during the night).The go e charger topic provided very good ideas for these like the maximum speed charging during the night if the sun power was insufficient during the day. I used a selection switch to determine the minimum excess sun power to start charging. This way, i can change the minimum excess pv production during the winter months to start charging. During these months i'm for example happy when 0,9 kW excess power is available although i will need to buy the remaing power consumption from my energy supplier.

    This all works great. But what i still miss is how solcast predictions could help determine when to charge optimally instead of manually determining a minimum excess power to start charging. I can read the state of charge of my car battery. What i would like to create is that loxone calculates how many hours my car will need to charge and than determines when i can make maximum use of my pv production. I give an example, if i park my car with 95% soc, it might only take one hour to reach 100% soc (full battery). I would like than that my car is charging during the hour when the sun provides the maximum during the day, even when pv production is less than the minimum charging speed. The calculation how many hours it needs to charge must be doable (although 0-80% charging will go a lot quicker than 80%-100%). But do any of you have ideas how loxone can select the optimal hours if i have calculated the required charging hours. I have the solcast values in loxone but not yet sure how to implement the logic.

    Thanks for the ideas!