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Lights for cooking controlled by motion without affecting other moods.

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  • Lights for cooking controlled by motion without affecting other moods.

    Hi all,

    I have a living room with integrated kitchen, dining area and tv corner.
    All lights are controlled by a single Lighting controller. (Is this ok?)
    I want to add a motion sensor above the cooking area that should turn on/off the kitchen lights depending on detected motion, without affecting the other lights (moods).

    Is this possible and how should I do this?
    I guess I should use the Mix in feature but I can't find a way to let a dedicated motion sensor mix in/ou a mood...

    Any hits are welcome!


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    If that kitchen light and motion sensor should be completely independent from the other lights/moods, you may split away these inputs/outputs, possibly to another lightning block.
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      That is indeed how I solved it for now,
      Christian Fenzl
      Lebende Foren Legende
      Christian Fenzl. But it would of course be nicer to include the kitchen lights in other moods.
      I can't find a way to mix in/out a mood depending on a single motion sensor ... Any idea if that's possible?