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  • Enter the Matrix

    Hi i have a kramer hdmi matrix. I am trying to work out the best way to achieve this

    I want in the app in each room a switch TV to > then an option to select whether it is Sky, Xbox etc.

    I have one virtual output that handles the connection and then i need to pass in a virtual output command the input and output numbers

    e.g. 11 will put lounge on sky, 12 will put lounge on xbox. 21 will put kitchen on sky 22 kitchen on xbox.

    so my questions....
    1) Can i pass a variable into the command so i dont have to create 6 * 6 virtual output commands for all the options
    2) how can i achieve this sub menu concept, just like the scene selection on a lighting controller in the app, preferably in conjunction with 1

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    1) use a virtual input with slider or even better radio buttons.

    2) create a special category for this event, like TV channels or something like that.


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      thanks i have achieved what i wanted using the radio buttons. works a treat, well chuffed.