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Lighting Controller and KNX

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  • Lighting Controller and KNX

    I connect a push button to a light actuator through ETS (action and state variables).
    This works correctly

    I would like to control the light through Loxone web interface.

    It works when I follow the Loxone EIB/KNX video tutorial.
    However this tutorial does not use the lighting controller

    I try to use the lighting controller but I am not 100% happy with the result.

    The light is correctly controlled however the web interface is a lit bit weird:

    a) I can not include the light in presence simulation

    b) because I need to click a lot of time to access the on/off option of the light in the web interface
    1) Choose lighting category
    2) I see a section with the Room label
    3) Under this section I only see the all off/all on option
    4) I need a second click to access the "scene mode"
    5) I need a third click to turn on/off the light

    --> Why is that the light does not appears on top level screen?

    I try to merge one lighting controller and one EIB push button together
    By doing this, the state between the push button and the lighting controller is not synchronized (However they use the same knx address)

    What the best way to achieve what I want?

    Thanks in advance