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Lighting controller MT and TH flags

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  • Lighting controller MT and TH flags


    What's the difference between the MT and TH flags of the lighting controller. I would love to understand that.
    I have quite a few and I am yet to get them to turn off the lights after a predetermined amount of time independently of who or how the lights were turned on. I expected this to be what the MT is for but as it turns out it doesn't always work. From what I can see, it works if the lights were turned on by the motion sensor but not if they were turned on manually.

    Can someone please explain how to get this the lighting controller to switch lights off after some time?

    Paulo Matos

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    MT is the time for the controller to turn out all the lights if there is no movement, assuming it was turned on with a switch - so your kid goes into their bedroom, turns on a light then leaves - after say 30 minutes of no movement it turns off the lights.

    TH is the time that the lights are turned on for when triggered by the last movement - so you walk into the toilet, the lights are triggered, come on, and after there is no more movement they are turned off after TH seconds