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Problem with markers not accepting values?

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  • Problem with markers not accepting values?

    Hi all,
    I've given updating my Loxone system a rest for the past year, but recently I started getting that itch again, so I'm at it again. Of course, new challenges mean new hurdles, and I've already met quite a few. The new LoxConfig interface to name but one...

    In short, I've now bought an Air base extension for my miniserver, and connected a IR Air and Smart socket Air to it. It took me a while to get the Air base extension working, but I've managed to do that by now. The IR controller works, as does the Smart Socket.

    Now, I want to do something "smart" with the Smart Socket. Basically I want to use it in combination with my ventilation system. See, the ventilation only runs a couple of hours per day on the normal setting, since I find it too noisy. The rest of the time, it's set to the lowest setting. Ideally, because of the noise, the ventilation should only run on the normal setting when I'm not home.

    I'm currently using a timer to have the ventilation run at the normal setting for 4 hours a day (between noon and 4 pm), but ideally I want to time to skip this when I'm at home. So I thought : what could I use to tell the system I'm home? Easy : my PC : when I'm home it's always on, when I'm out it's off. So I thought I would use a utility meter block and read the wattage from the smart socket. When it's > 0, the pc is on and then the timer of the ventilation should not be triggered. That's the theory.

    I've now come across something strange : when I use a utility meter, and then connect a marker to the output (AQp), nothing enters the marker. You can see this on the inclused screenshot where the Liveview is on, showing 0.015kW (or 15 watts) of power usage. But if you look closely, this value does not enter the marker. I don't know why this is so?? (the markers are set to "analog" mode)

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    It gets even weirder: when I cut and paste the entire block from the Living Room tab ("woonkamer" in Dutch on the screenshot) to the ventilation tab ("ventilatie" in Dutch) NOTHING gets registered anymore?!! No power usage is visible, even though I can guarantee you my computer is still on. How is this possible??? They are the SAME blocks, just on a different tab page!! (I've tried turning Liveview off and back on)

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    Could somebody please give me some insight into this?

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    Ok, update. This problem is partially fixed. The first issue was really stupid, it was because a standard marker only shows one digit after the comma, and since my pc doesn't consume a lot of power (15 watts or 0.015 kW) the output was 0.0. By changing that to three digits after the comma, that issue was solved.
    The other issue, that the values of the "destination" marker are only shown when it's on the same tab page as the "source" marker, still remains. I have noticed though that it's a "virtual" problem, meaning that in reality the values are passed through, it's just that they are not shown in the "Liveview" mode. And even that is not completely accurate, because when I change tabs and switch back, this value is shown. It's just not real time and doesn't change (not unit I switch tabs & back again). This is not the case when it's on the same tab, then the output is in real time.

    I've contacted Loxone support for this, but they were unable to reproduce this. So they claimed it's not a bug. They had no idea what is causing it either, it's just that they need to be able to reproduce problems or they are not considered to be a bug. Oh well. I can live with it I guess... I'm not going to redo my entire programming for this, that's for sure!