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How to make a simple timer switch

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  • How to make a simple timer switch

    Hi everybody,

    I have a very basic question but I want to know how to program it the right way. What I want to do is control is a simple dimmer that goes ON and OFF on a timer schedule BUT can also be manually controlled by a switch. So when the Timer is active and the light is ON I'm always able to switch it OFF manually and when the Timer is OFF and the light is OFF I can switch it ON manually. The Timer has to take over when there is a Time trigger so when I go to bed and forget to switch off the light, the Timer will do it for me.

    Everything I tried is not working 100%, or I can't switch ON and OFF manually or when I do switch ON manually, the timer does not switch it OFF?

    I have included an example but I know this is not the right way, can somebody please help me on my way

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    you can use the normal time switch (sorry, don't know the term, the one you can define timers). Use the block as digital timer switch.
    It has two additional outputs for pulse on and pulse off.
    Connect these to a button block O and R.
    So the timer switches the light on and off, and you can use the app seeing and switching the light manually.
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      Danke! Habe das mehrmals versucht aber hat niemals gut funktioniert.... jetzt lauft es wie es soll!