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Intelligent room controller: detect override?

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  • Intelligent room controller: detect override?


    In the Intelligent Room Controller, it is possible to set an override (in the user interface, where the user can e.g. override the timer behaviour until a set date/time). Is there some output of the IRC block that allows you to detect if override is active or not?



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    I asked the question to Loxone Support. There is no way from within Loxconfig to 1. check whether an IRC has override set, 2. set an override, 3. cancel an override.


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      Thanks for your feedback
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        thats not strictly true

        if you use the visu inbuilt override, the AQtr output will countdown, so be >0 - when its on a normal inbuilt setting its 0

        you can use some logic with a AQtr and AQt target temperature to determine if the override is used, and whether its comfort, party etc and when when AQter drops to 0 then the override has ended or been cancelled


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          Ok... that is interesting!

          But how come it is 0 for other inbuilt settings? The description says
          AQtr Analogue output for the timer countdown Shows the amount of time [s] left on the economy or comfort timers.

          How do you distinguish the override countdown from others countdowns?

          Is it that if there is a value AQtr >0 AND operation mode is manual (AQs = 3)?
          Or rather if there is a value AQtr >0 AND (AQHm<>Economy or AQHm<> Comfort)?


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            the economy or comfort timers are those determined by the tss tsm timers parameters when the override is triggered by the external inputs lc and ls, so again you can externally override and the countdown timer > 0 will indicate an override


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              Ok.. I will have to play around with that a bit, but I get it. :-)



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                and of course, if you override the IRC using a custom mode, it has to be set to '1' or on so you can test this outside as well, or use the AQhm output of the IRC where a negative value is one of the custom modes, so you can test there too


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                  Can you set a custom mode from the IRC? I only seem to be able to set one of the default modes...


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                    you cant set a custom mode from within the irc, setting a mode active outside will enable that mode in the irc
                    oddly, for the internal overrides within the app you can also select the overheat temperature as well as the usual others such as comfort


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                      Yes... I will have to play a bit with it, the IRC is quite powerful but not so easy to integrate from within Loxone Config... Not sure I will have time in the forthcoming months though (work related things...).