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Questions about light flickering/strobing

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  • Questions about light flickering/strobing

    Hi I've recently had a Loxone partner install lighting in my appartment.
    When I record a video with my phone, I can see the light strobing (flickering). Is this normal?
    Even without video recording, in real life, I can notice some strobing when moving my hands.

    My entire Loxone system is using Air technology.
    I would've expected better quality from Loxone, or the installation is not done correctly. Or maybe it's just normal?
    I would like to get your perspective.
    Much appreciated!

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    Guess you have LED lighting installed?
    Flickering is not seen by the human eye, but the camera does.
    See Pulse Width Modulation on wikipedia

    Don't think you can change the PWM speed in Loxone...
    I know some LED dimmers promote themselve to be "camera / video proof", so less / no flickering visible.
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      Hi querex

      Yes it's LED lights. RGBW spots using the RGBW dimmer ( I believe.
      Seems like this is a known issue and no fix currenctly exists:


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        I really hope Loxone can do something here.

        The great flexibility of the RGBW dimmer cannot pay so much in terms of light quality.
        I believe this dimmer needs to be re-designed at an HW side to take in consideration this bad behaviour.