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loxone tree power requirements

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  • loxone tree power requirements

    Interesting addition to the hardware list. I believe the 500 meter which loxone claims in their documentation, is without an additional 24V supplied somewhere at a tree device (supposing you provide 24V at the beginning = rack)? I assume yes since KNX does the same thing with 29V and a length of 1000 meter. The tolerance of the voltage stated by loxone is also high, should be working from a voltage as low as 9V. Another hint that no additional power is required along the line?

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    Hi pnobels,
    Why do you doubt 500 meters? If the load on the line is low, then the resistance of the cable will cause a low voltage drop.
    For example, 500m cat7 (0,25mm²) copper will have a resistance of (law of pouilet): 33.6Ohm. With a normal load of tree switch assumed 0,5W this meas a current of 20mA this will cause a voltage drop of 0.7V which is a bit less then 3% of 24V.
    When you add a lot of devices to the bus, the voltage will drop lore and that you need to take into account. Signal quality and integrity on the data cables is something else. But 500 m is a realistic value!
    A would assume that there is a voltage allowed of 15 a 20 % it entirely depends on the DC/DC conversion that is done in the nodes. I cannot confirm these values.