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Hoermann UAP1 - experience

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    Ah, I understand what went wrong.
    I have a supramatic 2, and it has a different manual.

    For anyone looking at this post later; n supramatic 2 the options relay setting can be found in text section 7.5.
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      This setup works for me thank you! I can now stop movement of the door by pressing a button in Loxone again.

      The supramatic does show error 4 after I close or open the door. According to the manual error code 4 can be explained as "Stop UAP pressed". Which is technically correct because when the door is done running Q7 "UAP1 door enabled" is off for a short time due to the monoflop.

      I can remove the errorcode 4 by pressing the PRG button on the door but this is inconvenient. Any solutions for this problem?