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Humidity sensor & slider

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  • Humidity sensor & slider

    I have an Elsner knx humidity sensor

    I want to integrate this sensor to Loxone Server

    I have created a sensor for the current humidity value (This works well).

    No I want to have a slider to change the current target humidity value.
    I try several ways to add the corresponding group address to the loxone config (sensor,actuator,...) but I can figure out how I can change this value through a slider.

    I click on the "Use" in "User interface"
    I change the datatype to EIS6 0-100%
    However no slider appears in the gui

    How can I do that?

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    When this is a sensor value, you cannot change the value - it's value is from the sensor.
    What are you considering to do with the sensor value?


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      I know sensor is for input and actuator for output.
      I create one sensor for the current humidity rate --> Ok it's a read only value in the interface

      I create one actuator for the targetted humidity rate (I select the dimming input type, I select "Use" in web interface but the result is the same, no slider appears in the web interface
      Idon't know if a dimmer button can help me because in this case the humidity can change after a couple of minutes


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        Both sensors and actuators cannot be changed in the App/webinterface.
        You can create a virtual input to act as a slider to set values.

        You'll need some logic in between, but, again, please explain what you are trying to do, otherwise we cannot help.


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          I want to have as less logic as possible in the loxone server.
          The humidity hardware sensor has:
          - an actual humidity rate through a knx address (I want to display it through the web interface --> this part is ok)
          - a configurable target humidity rate through a knx address (I want to change this value with the web interface)

          Just try to link a virtual input with the actuator, untick "use as digital input" now I have a slider.

          What will be the default value of the slider? How to link this field to the knx address?
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