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Stuck setting up KNX and Loxone

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    Hi Everyone:

    I have made progress! Thank to all who commented. The comment regarding the voltage of the KNX power supply was enormously helpful. I never imagined that a power supply sold in the United States would be 220v. Instead of searching for a new power supply, I asked my electrician to wire it for 220v.

    Next I had to work on proper wiring. I have six panels in different locations in the house. I used a toner to locate the ethernet cables and corrected any wiring issues. Once I saw 30v, I knew that I was successful with fixing the wiring.

    I have been able to get most of my switches recognized and addressed by ETS5. It was a wonderful feeling watching the green bar show progress and completion of the commissioning.

    I am now trying to integrate ETS5 and Loxone config and I am a bit confused. I have set up the line addresses for my switches. They have 4 areas that can be touched (plus multi-touch etc.). For example, the master bath is 1.1.6. I have a top level section (6) for the master bath, (0) for on/off in the middle and then 0, 1, 2 and 3 for the four sections for the last addresses. Top Left (6/0/0), Top Right (6/0/1), Bottom Left (6/0/2) and Bottom Right (6/0/3).

    Is that all I need for Loxone? Loxone Config sees the line addresses for each switch. I am still uncertain how to program the group addresses into Config. I am also uncertain what other addresses I need to establish in ETS5 for the thermostat which is in the switch. It would seem that ETS5 would just set up the switch as a dumb terminal and Loxone would send it the 0s and 1s but I just don't know. The Loxone documentation is very helpful.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    P.S. In case you are wondering, I am an American that hates Trump.


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      I’m not sure, what addresses you are talking about (physical addresses or group addresses).

      In my installation, for group addresses I used the first number for the device type (0/x/x are central functions like daylight and time), 1/x/x are actuators, 2/x/x are switches, 3/x/x are sensors).

      For my switches, then, I used incremental numbering, so first switch device is 2/0/x, second switch device is 2/1/x.

      The last number of the group address I assigned equivalent to the communication object number of the switch device, e.g. MDT Glass switch 1 offers communication objects like “20 button 1 pushed”, “23 button 1 LED”, “24 button 1 LED priority”, and I simply used 2/3/20, 2/3/23 and 2/3/24 as their group addresses.

      To get the button press, it requires in ETS to assign a group address to that device’s communication object (button 1 —> 2/3/20), and in Loxone it requires a KNX Sensor with group address 2/3/20.

      To stay with my example, to switch on the LED of button 1, the device’s button 1 led communication object requires a group address 2/3/23 in ETS, and accordingly a KNX Actor 2/3/23 in Loxone.

      See the LoxWiki, searching for “KNX” or “Glastaster”. That may not be your devices, but could help to get in touch.


      PS: I like Trump - currently best comedy from the USA 😉
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