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KNX2LOX New Tool to import large KNX Projekt into a Loxone Config

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  • KNX2LOX New Tool to import large KNX Projekt into a Loxone Config

    Hi all,
    for all who need a powerfull Tool to import large KNX Projects into a Loxone Config.

    more Information on Facebook

    Nice evening and greetings from Germany

    Zuletzt geändert von IFLUR; 03.Mär.2017, 09:36.

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    Sorry, auch das ist für mich kein Grund fratzebuch beizutreten ;-)


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    Docs are only in german...


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      Wenn man bedenkt, wieviel Zeit ich alleine für die Schnittstelle zwischen Loxone und ETS verplempert habe...
      Cooles Tool, wird unterstützt!
      KNX, Loxone, Multiroom, PI, Arduino, Sat2IP, PoE


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        The version is a big upgrade with more functions
        and new features for the ETS customization special for the Loxone Config.

        Download Free Version (for Privat Person only) or get 25 % Discount with BJQ2ZGZUMD for the Full Version

        KNX Group Adress Export to Loxone Config (now Version with KNX Extension Support)​​

        New ETS Editor to create Groupadresses as Templates for
        sensor and actor etc.


        Auto Config to "switch" KNX actors for Loxone Auto Config Ready Function


        Import from Excel Template


        Import Export from

        Cloud Software Update



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          IFLUR I just downloaded the version from the link you shared. does the Demo mode work for me as a private person, or is there some special license I would need to load to unlock functionality? I'm just worried that I start to put in efforts to make this work for me and then find out that things are not going to work. just checking.