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Relay board controlled over HTTP POST is not working

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    Relay works also in pulse mode with adjustable delay


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      ok, thanks for your reply. I've ordered one to test.

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    honzappp , my board arrived this week. I tough it would be delivered with a power supply. Did you get one with your order?


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      Today I finally installed the board. TCP works perfectly because of this nice topic.
      However, the inputs do not work. How did you connect the fysical inputs?

      I tried to measure the voltage between input 1 and com, but there is nothing!? Can you please measure what you have?


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        Hi all,

        I have followed your post here and I bought the same relay board.

        I am done with the relay commands, this is working perfectly through HTTP GET.

        Now I would like to know the status of the inputs from the Miniserver. I am able to view the state of the inputs through a HTTP Post ( and I have a text like "10000000" which says that the 1st input is activated. How to decode that information in the Miniserver ? I think I have to do a mask for each input, or to convert from binary to decimal, then back to binary ?

        How did you do ?



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          I just found how to to it, maybe this might help some people.

          1) I have created a virtual HTTP input
          2) I have set in the URL : http://admin:12345678@
          3) I have created 8 HTTP virtual input signals : one for each input (I have 8 inputs on my relay board)
          4) In the command detection I have set "input":\s0\1 for the first input, "input":\s1\1 for the second input, etc...
          5) When the input state is 0, the Miniserver returns "48" which is "0" in ASCII
          6) When the input state is 1, the Miniserver returns "49" which is "1" in ASCII
          7) I put in my logic a statement "Input value = 49" --> Memory flag "Input is active"

          Exactly the same to know the state of the outputs (relay). Instead of "input":\s0\1 just type "output":\s0\1 for the first output

          The thing is, with that relay board we can only poll in TCP every 10 seconds. It is not UDP, so the refresh is not very good...

          Thanks to Christian Fenzl who helped me with that, and told me that we could also put a "Status" block to convert the "48" value in 0 and the "49" value in "1".