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IR control to/from network

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  • IR control to/from network


    I would like to have ir control to/from a miniserver. I suspect the GlobalCache devices would work, but they are expensive ( ).

    Does anyone have experience with Broadlink devices? Particularly the IR bridges:

    They are quite cheap, but I wonder if they work well... My main purpose would be to use an IR remote to send instructions to the miniserver and to have the miniserver trigger IR commands to control different devices.
    According to Broadlink, they support IFTTT, so I'm guessing that in combination with a Loxberry there are some options?

    Any comments? Or other alternatives?



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    It mainly depends on the specific devices that you wish to control, then Tasmota on an cheap ESP32 / ESP8266 ... could be a solution:


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      Interesting... though a bit outside of my capabilities.
      I realize that I'm more looking for an ir receiver solution, as I prefer a button-remote over an app.. and a flirc may actually suffice (there is a pc that is on when I would want to use the remote)...


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        Maybe a Solution for you, you can Flash the ir Bridge with tasmota with tuya , the commands you can send with http or mqtt , received commands you can see in the console

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          There is a DIY Hardware based on Wemos (ESP again) .
          Can Transmit and receiver IR as well as

          or this here

          Yes i know, this is not a ready to use product, but a lot of fun learning somthing new.


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            Thanks! I'll check it out.
            (yes, fun to learn something new, but I have too little time as it is... )